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Seeing as the Eccentric Lover: Vision, Forgiveness, and Anamorphic Movement in Kierkegaard’s “Love Hides a Multitude of Sins”

In recent years scholars have brought increased attention to the crucial role that the notion of vision plays within Kierkegaard’s Works of Love. Dr. Matthew T. Nowachek aims to continue on the same trajectory and does so by focusing on Kierkegaard’s description of the vision of the lover carrying out the work of love in forgiveness, which is developed in the discourse “Love Hides a Multitude of Sins.” With the particular vision associated with forgiveness of the other, and more specifically with the tasks Kierkegaard describes metaphorically as seeing/unseeing sin as well as hiding sin behind one’s back, the lover must undergo a certain spiritual and existential movement by which she adopts a radically new (dis)position as the condition for such seeing. In order to expand upon this dynamic in a new direction Dr. Matthew T. Nowachek draws on a further metaphor supplied by the aesthetic device of anamorphosis and the specific anamorphic movement associated with anamorphic vision.


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